1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester
Mathematics I Mathematics II Decision Making
Introduction to Management Quantitative Methods in Economics & Business (I) Quantitative Methods in Economics & Business (II)
Introduction to Computer Science Programming I Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Introduction to Marketing Accounting ΙΙ Database Management Systems
Accounting Ι Introduction to Economic Theory Programming II
Contemporary Issues & Trends in Management & Technology
Microeconomic Analysis (old) Macroeconomic Analysis (old)
4th Semester 5th Semester Erasmus Courses
Mathematical Programming Project Management Fall Semester
Financial Management Optimization Methods in Management Science Modern Enterprise Information Systems
Human Resource Management Management and Information Technology Managerial Decision Making
Analysis & Design of Information Systems Work & Organizational Psychology Management of Information Systems
Algorithms and Data Structures Information Systems Implementation and Architecture Innovation in Organizations: Knowledge, Creativity and the Processes of Innovation
Information Resource Management
Spring Semester
Production & Operations Management
Applied Software Engineering
Algorithmic Operations Research
6th Semester 7th Semester 8th Semester
Business Strategy Entrepreneurship Digital Innovation and  Entrepreneurship
Topics in Operations Research and Decision Systems Combinatorial Optimization Organizational Theory
Production & Operations Management Financial Engineering Big Data Management Systems
Digital Content Management & Human-Computer Interaction Information Resource Management Internship Project
Analysis & Modeling of Business Processes and Systems Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics
Software Engineering in Practice Personal Skills Development
Quality Management E-learning and Knowledge Management
Human Resource Management in the Digital Era Advanced Topics in Strategy and Innovation
Supply Chain Management Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Electronic Commerce and Internet Applications Analysis and Planning of Distribution and Transportation Systems
Product Design and Development
Stochastic Modeling & Simulation
Economic Psychology
Digital Marketing
Trusted and Secure Software Development
Strategies for Decision Making and Problem Solving
International Business Management
Investment Analysis
English VI
Business Analytics & Personalization Technologies
Final Year Project (spring semester)
Special Approaches to Leadership
Internet and Cloud Application Development
Social Network Analysis
Final Year Project (fall semester)
Doctoral Studies Program
Compulsory Elective
Research Methodology Research Topics in Entrepreneurship
Οrganizational Theory Research Topics and Methodologies in Digital Marketing
Research Topics in Strategy and Governance
Theories of Organizational Change and Innovation
Research Topics and Methodologies in Operations and Service Management
Integrated Optimization Methods
Research Methodology of Contemporary Leadership Approaches
Research Topics in Organizational Behavior/Psychology